Friday, April 11, 2014

4 Basic Property Coverages in your Homeowers Policy

GET TO KNOW YOUR POLICY.  It's not as complicated as you think. We have broken it down into smaller sections for you so it's easy to GRASP. 

Inside, outside, upside down... let's look at the pieces of your policy and learn what's covered.


· A (Dwelling) This is the structure of your home. If you flipped it upside down and shook it, the dwelling would be the parts that don’t fall out. This includes cabinets, fixtures, walls, floors, etc.

· B (Other Structures) Do you have a fence, gazebo, detached garage or tool shed? Your other structures are considered structures that are detached from your home or connected by wire, fence or another connection. If you have to walk across grass to get to it, it’s probably an other structure.

· C (Personal Property) Your bed, clothes, pots and pans, etc. are considered contents and covered under personal property. Some items such as jewelry, money and firearms have special limitations. Also, some personal properties and ‘perils’ are not covered.

· D (Loss of Use) When a loss occurs due to a covered peril and you can’t live in the dwelling, this coverage is intended to cover your additional living expenses. If you have to relocate to a hotel and buy new work clothes, you’ll use this coverage.
*As always, It's important to consult your agent with questions. We're happy to review your policy with you. (813) 406-2290



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